Saturday, January 05, 2013

Update from Central America

My friend who is staying in Panajachel, Guatemala this winter reports that he is enjoying it very much. He's meeting a lot of friendly retired Americans, staying in the same compound where he lived many years ago (and paying a ridiculously low rent,) even going to the local gym most days.
Meantime, another friend has spoken of her plans to move from California to a suburb of San Jose, Costa Rica later this year. This was a big surprise to me, since I had never heard her expresss any interest in Central America before. But she said there is a big colony of American expats there with a pleasant lifestyle and much lower costs than in the U.S. I knew a lot of Americans live in Costa Rica, but just thought she would seek out a more exotic location. She has previously lived in Hong Kong and Switzerland, among other places, and has travelled widely.
My only exposure to Central America was a brief visit to Costa Rica in the 1980s, and all I can remember that was particularly interesting was an excursion to the Poas volcano, a live bubling volcano you can walk right up to see.
Anyway, I find it unusual that two such well-travelled friends are impressed by this region at the same time. I would appreciate hearing from others who live in or have travelled extensively in Central America.


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