Monday, December 31, 2012

Info on Hostels Worldwide

The Website claims to provide complete information and uncensored reviews on hostels around the world. It also can compare prices from all hostel booking sites at once, apparently.
With the increasing number of various kinds of travel Websites, it's hard to know what claims to believe.
A check of the general search function on this site didn;t work very well--when I put Moscow, Russia into the search function it came up with just one option, a home hostel in the suburbs. However, using another part of the site I did find a list and reviews of a number of Moscow hostels.
Because of the cost of hotels in Moscow, this is one city where you might want to consider a hostel, especially if you want to be right downtown. Or perhaps a homestay would be more to your taste, since it can provide a chance to interact with locals and see how they live. For that, the Website is highly regarded.
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