Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Flash Hotel Savings

If you book in the next 45 hours, you can score some amazing savings on hotels with Orbitz ( The catch is you have to be a member and receive those sometimes annoying emails, but it could be worth signing up.
The reductions are 50 per cent, which means a room for as little as $40 at the Golden Nugget in Las Vegas, or a place at the Duke Grand Rome boutique hotel near the Borghese Gardens for $68 a night. Rome is an expensive city, so the latter sounds like an especially good deal. At the Edgewater in Seattle, the half-price reduction brings a room to $105, while the Flemings Mayfair in London has rooms for as little as $152 . Yes, the latter is pricey, but almost everything in London is. There may be blackout dates at these prices.
I have not experienced it myself, but have been reading about the ridiculous fees many hotels are adding on to basic bills. Many charge a "resort fee" just because they have certain facilities, or are in a resort area. One hotel in Toronto was charging almost $20 a day just for the privilege of having a small refrigerator in the room, whether or not you ever used it.
It pays to ask about any extra fees when you check in. If there are fees you object to, say so, whether at check in or check out. If enough people complain about these gouging charges, they will disappear. The basic price may go up some, but at least you'll know up front what you will be paying.
The tendency fo a lot of hotels to try to maximize revenue from each guest is one of the reasons I often prefer, where possible, to stay in nonprofit lodgings like those run by religious groups, or at least in smaller, family-run places.


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