Wednesday, April 10, 2013

European Tours under $1000

Bus tours tend to have a bad reputation as being just for unsophisticated travellers, usually those of middle age or above. However, they can sometimes offer very good value and in my opinion, seeing a place under almost any conditions is better than not seeing it.
Cosmos Tours offers many tours of varying duration around the world, and by booking through the site you can take a number of their European tours this summer for less than $1000. Most of the tours at this price last eight days, but there is a 13-day tour of Turkey including Cappadocia that sounds especially appealing. A visit to Vienna, Prague and Budapest is also attractive, because these cities are all quite close together and you wouldn't lose much time travelling on your eight day tour.
Prices include accommodation, breakfasts and usually some dinners. There are single supplements, but at least for the Turkey trip the supplement appeared to be reasonable, giving you a total cost of around $100 per day. You could probably better this cost on your own by staying in hostels or cheaper hotels, but it would take a lot more work to arrange the transportation, tours and lodging.
I haven't been to Turkey for a long time, but it struck me as a fairly difficult country for single female visitors, so I would be tempted by a tour on a future visit.


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