Friday, April 05, 2013

Expert Beacon for Travel Ideas

The site Expert Beacon ( is a good source for ideas on interesting places to travel and how to save once you are there. Travel is just one of the areas it covers, so there may be other articles of interest also.
Full disclosure--I just wrote an article on the dos and dont's of educational travel for the site--the link is If you are a faithful reader of this blog most of the tips will be familiar to you, but it's a good summary. Also check out the article on visiting Luxor, Egypt like a local (and saving big by staying on the west bank of the Nile with the locals, not in the big tourist hotels,) and, if you are in the market, the one on destination weddings.
The Web is crowded with travel blogs and publications, but this site seems to be a good source for relatively unbiased information.


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