Friday, April 12, 2013

Hotel Deals in Munich

Visitors to Munich can check out the site for extensive information on places to stay and savings, according to the site, of up to 75 per cent.
You can search for lodging by number of stars or by proximity to points of interest. However, be prepared for the fact that prices are likely to be higher than in the German capital, Berlin. Munich is one of the country's business hubs and is generally more prosperous than its northern rival, which for more than 40 years was stuck inside the Communist German Democratic Republic.
The Bavarian city has a lot to offer, and the short stay Website provides rundowns on many of its points of interest. Every fall beer lovers from all over the world crowd into Munich for Oktoberfest, and a party atmosphere prevails at other times of year too.
There are many famous museums in Munich, and the Nymphenberg Palace, former home of the kings of Bavaria including Ludwig II, known to some as Mad King Ludwig. He was the builder of the lovely medieval-themed Neuschwanstein a couple of hours south of Munich, model for Disney's fantasy castle, and also a patron of the noted composer Richard Wagner.
I checked a couple of hotel prices for a date later this month and was able to find a single with shared bath at the Alfa Economy Hotel near the Hauptbahnhof for $51, or a double, also with shared bath, at the Bed and Breakfast Zeewal farther our of the center for $65.
My last trip to Munich in 2010 was very short, just a couple of hours in fact while I was waiting for a flight. I stowed my carry on bag at the airport for a couple of euros, then got a round trip ticket on the airport bus for 18 euros. My brief visit enabled me to see a little of the city at least, and to marvel at a new sports stadium which resembles a pleated leather white Chanel purse, minus the hardware.


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