Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Bloggers with Trips

If you enjoy reading travel blogs and would like to replicate some of the experiences you're reading about, a new service called OutTrippin is about to go live. It connects readers with bloggers and tour operators, and is the brainchild of a young woman who goes by the name Indiana June.
The blogger provides information on a trip he or she took, a connection with an outfitter or tour operator, and the new service provides customers. The blogger supposedly gets a cut of the price of the tour.
From what I can see so far, it appears that most of the tours will be of the outdoor/extreme sports type. I signed up for the service myself, but am not sure my recent travels would fit into this template. Perhaps I could do a couch potato's tour to Siberia, or a spy reader's jaunt around Berlin. Lately I've been travelling mainly independently or with nonprofit groups.
I've always been more of a culture vulture than an extreme sports type. Whenever I've had the chance to do outdoorsy activities other than walking or tennis or a little skating, I've usually declined. Not that I have anything against the more extreme pursuits, just that whenever I've tried them the outcome hasn't been pretty.
However, if you relish the idea of kayaking in Argentina or bicycling across some lesser developed country, you should check out And if I can find anyone to organize an opera lover's tour of Europe or a cultural tour of Russia at a reasonable price, I'll let you know.


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