Friday, April 04, 2014

More Tips on Saving while Travelling

A Website that offers online tools to help people get out of debt,, has some tips in its blog this week on budget travel. Many of them may be familiar, but I learned a few new things. For instance, when travelling by air bring an empty water bottle with you through security, then fill it at the drinking fountain once you are through. In those benighted countries (much of the world) that lack drinking fountains, you may have to fill the bottle in the bathroom.

Also, whenever possible avoid eating at the airport. Even fast food places usually charge premium prices, so it's better to pack your own snacks--sandwiches, crackers, nuts, candy or protein bars, cut-up vegetables, bagels or rolls, hard-boiled eggs. Just don't take sandwishes with mayonnaise or with meats such as chicken, both of which may spoil readily.

They also mention the possibility of combining work with travel, and along with the usual jobs (teaching English, diplomatic service or the military, travel writing) there was one I had not previously considered, delivering vehicles of various types. These include automobiles, boats and even airplanes. In fact, there is a television show called "Dangerous Flights" about people who deliver used airplaces to customers around the world. Apparently there is quite a demand for people to do this, since it is perilous and often the pay isn't great. However, you do get to visit some very out-of-the-way places like Greenland, a frequent stop for small planes flying the Atlantic. Seeing Greenland from the air is spectacular, so exploring it up close should be interesting, too.

The tips about savings at the airport come from a Website called, which also includes a lot of tips on saving money on expenses other than travel. The reference for the readyforzero post is


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