Tuesday, April 08, 2014

EasyHotels Expanding

The hotel brand www.easyHotel.com is growing quickly, with hotels not just in its home market of the United Kingdom, but across Europe and into Asia, Africa and the Middle East. This year the chain is planning to open hotels in Croydon, a suburb of London, as well as in Prague, Czech Republic and Frankfurt, Germany.

The brand is somewhat opaque--the only way you can book a room is on their own Website, and I had to examine several hotel reviews to find out whether or not rooms included private toilets (they do.) However, rooms are very small and some lack windows--to get a window you have to pay more. The standard room size ranges from eight to 11 square metres, and some rooms are even smaller and less expensive.

The rate structure is based on saving by booking far ahead, and avoiding peak demand periods. I checked the rate for a room at the easyHotel in London near Victoria Station and discovered it would cost 79 pounds ($132 U.S.) for a date late in May. However, if you book far enough ahead you can find a central London room at an easyHotel for 35 pounds ($58 U.S.) or less.

Generally the reviews I read were positive, though readers were warned that you get what you pay for. In pricey cities such as London or Zurich, Switzerland (where rooms at the easyHotel start at 69 Swiss francs or $78 U.S.,) these hotels may be worth exploring, especially if you can book a number of months ahead.

When the new easyHotel in Croydon opens, you can pick up the makings of lunch or dinner downstairs at the new easyFoodstore, the first of its kind.


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